Company Presentation

  • Entreprise Travaux Industriels et pétroliers « ETIP »
  • Entreprise Travaux Industriels et pétroliers « ETIP »

ETIP-GABES as international specialist in steel construction, operates in Tunisia full.
We work with the largest private national and official institutions, Tunisian and foreign companies. Our clients belong to diverse sectors like energy, steel, chemistry, careers.

Our services stand out in the following areas:

Design, manufacturing, construction, metals and industrial maintenance.

Manufacture of parts to the unit or in series, with or without steel and stainless steel.

Construction: Welded various sets, fireplaces, tanks and stainless steel, bridges, chutes, structures and other metal structures.
Installation: evrey or all types of work performed in industry on various sites Tunis power plant, cement, lime kiln, etc..

Boiler making, Pipe and Maintenance usinecomplètent our offer.